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Photoshop in the Mix

Photoshop Mix Meme

Photoshop Mix Meme

My creativity is on fire!  Well my attempts at being creative have doubled at least, my actual creativity is about the same, luke warm.

Since getting my new toys at Christmas, I have been intentionally trying to take time and find ways to be creative, whether it is just taking a picture or learning how to use the graphics apps I have on my phone.  So today, I was thinking about what I would do and I looked at my phone and noticed an app I had downloaded about a year ago, but hadn’t used, Photoshop Mix.

I have used the full computer version of Photoshop but many, many years ago. I was by no means an expert, however I grasped the concept of layers and basic functions in the program. The full version is not an easy-user friendly program, so I was a little wary of how hard this pared down phone app version would be, but I opened it up and started on my first graphic.

Photoshop Mix Creative

Photoshop Mix Creative

I am not even kidding, the above graphic took me about five minutes to complete.  Now, I know it is nothing to write home about, but I did use four layers of individual items that were independently editable, one being a stock photo from Adobe.  Within the program I was able to cut out just the blocks spelling out “Creative”, delete the rest of the picture and then position what remained how I wanted it in my project.

Five Year Anniversary Pictures

You can use your own photos as well. In the above graphic I was able to cut my husband and me out of one picture from our five year anniversary trip and place us into another photo taken on that trip.

The edges might not be the smoothest, but keep in mind this was done on my phone in mere minutes and done by me, who is decidedly not a graphic artist.  So all things considered, this little program is not only powerful but super easy to use.

I can see more Photoshop Mix in my 2018 year of creativity.

Sadie Dog

Sadie Dog

Yay for ME!

Pay Phone Art

Pay Phone Art

Pay Phone?

Yes, a pay phone. When I first saw it, as I was walking to the gym, my first reaction was no reaction, as if it was still common place to see a them around town here and there. Just as quick as my mind was to accept it, it just as quickly rethought it and rejected it, thinking no way, that can’t be, surely not. But yes, it was a pay phone right there in Pegasus Plaza.

This plaza is known to have various art sculptures, performing artists from time to time and even a piano which sat in residence through most of the winter beckoning to the performer in you. But this was the first time I spotted the pay phone and immediately I was intrigued.


Wonderphone – A Magical Story Machine

Strolling over to take a quick picture, I had to laugh, I was right and wrong. It isn’t a pay phone, it is a story phone. A Wonderphone – a magical story machine. I smiled and wondered at the awesome creativity many people posses.  Who would have thought, a pay phone as an interactive art installation.

Yay for them!

side note:  I just realized that it is not only art, but it is recycling as well!  Double points for awesomeness Wonderphone.  Good for you!