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New Decorations

Handsome Husband in his custom Riviera shirt.

Handsome Husband in his custom Riviera shirt.

We hung up the new wall decorations this weekend and they look fabulous.  Loving the mirror and colorful painting.  Going to really love the picture frames, when I get our family pictures in them.  Which still have to be taken.  But I figured putting up the frames with the generic pictures in them would force me to coordinate a family picture time sooner.  I guess we will see.

New Clock

I also purchased a few small items to tie in some colors.  The blue and orange candles on the mantle to help bring in the colors from Catrina.   Also found the clock above my desk this weekend.  Really really like the clock.

The decor is finally coming together.  Only took almost six years?!?  🙂

Yay for ME!