Sunday Morning Galaviz

Casa Galaviz

Casa Galaviz

My husband introduced me to Casa Galaviz, a small mom and pop Mexican food restaurant in Denton, Texas, about nine years ago. When he lived in Lewisville, before we got married and moved to Plano, we use to go pretty regularly, but now, sadly not so much.   Three beef tacos with lettuce and tomatoes for him and two beef and cheese tacos for me with Big Red drinks for us both.  Yummy!  Their seasoned beef and homemade tortillas and salsa are more than worth the thirty minute trip from Plano.


Joe and Betty

The only thing better than the food are the owners, Joe and Betty.  Joe is the ultimate small business owner, call each customer that comes in by name remembering their order preferences and genuinely happy to see them.  He takes the time to talk with the customers while taking their orders, and Betty is filling the orders and smoothly running the kitchen.

Galaviz Tacos

Galaviz Tacos

Tacos at Galaviz is a nice Sunday outing my husband and I don’t get to do as often as we like, but when we do smiles and thumbs up all around.

Taco Dance

Adrian’s Galaviz Taco Dance

Yay for US!

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