Pop Tart Unicorn

Pop Tart

Yummy Brown Sugar Cinnamon

The Pop Tart in general is the most underrated pastry out there today.  And the Brown Sugar Cinnamon variety, even more so.  Most people who partake of Pop Tarts prefer the Strawberry Frosted flavor, but not me, I have always been a Brown Sugar Cinnamon girl.

I rarely, if ever, eat them these days, because well … carbs, but when I do, I like mine warm and toasted with a milk back.

The above picture was taken of the Pop Tart I got out of the vending machine at work (so no milk UGH)… on a day that I didn’t go to the gym (because you know if I’m breaking bad I might as well go all the way)… but I couldn’t pass it up (because when do you ever see a Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavored one in a vending machine? Never!)… it was the unicorn of the Pop Tart and I ate it!

Yay for ME!


side note:  Meme made in the Enlight app.  Loving it!

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