Be Present…unless your super power is time travel.



Be present…if time travel is not your super power, you can’t erase the past nor can you predict the future. So be present NOW.


PS:  If time travel is your super power, let me know I have a few favors to ask!


Summertime Imagination



I love it when the kids can entertain themselves.  This doesn’t happen all the time.

Occasionally, they are under the impression that I was put on this earth to be their personal playmate and entertainer.  Usually this happens right about the time that I am totally physically and mentally spent and can’t even entertain myself.  That is when I say “Go away’re bothering me.”  And they smile and continue to pester me more.

Today, though they are having some good summer time fun.  I have to say, it makes me smile and it never ceases to amaze me the games they create and the hours they spend in their make believe worlds.  This moment is perfect and I am proud to be apart of their journey.