New Year – New Toys

Final Product – First Spin at Enlight App

New Year and new toys, what could be better. To start off this new year the following have been added to my toy box; a Canon EOS 80D camera, that I saved up for and bought for myself (Merry Christmas to me!) and an Apple iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, that I got from Santa (aka my loving husband).  So needless to say, I made out like a bandit this Christmas and I am extremely excited to learn all there is to learn about my new toys and all the fun things I can do with them this new year.

I have already started the learning and creative process.  Using the mixer function in the Enlight application on my iPad Pro, I created the above picture from the following two photos I took with my new Canon.

Not too shabby for my first project.  Enlight is a fairly simple, but pretty powerful photo editing software and they have a ton of instructional tutorial videos.  I followed this one on how to use the mixer function.

For me, I plan on 2018 being the year of travel, learning and unleashing my creativity, so far so good.

Yay for me in 2018!

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  1. Happy New Year, Penny!! So glad that Santa was good to you and that you are enjoying your new toys. I look forward to reading lots more about the fun things you can do!

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