New Fab Furniture

New Living Room Furniture

New Living Room Furniture

If you know me, you know that interior decorating is NOT my thing. It’s not that I just don’t care. I love a coordinated looking space. I just have the worst time visualizing what things will look like when I actually get them home. My brain goes over and over: what if it’s the wrong color, what if it’s the wrong size or what if I am just retarded and it would look horrible in that room. I am aware that the fate of the free world doesn’t rest on my decision but it is still daunting to me.

So I am marveled. Basically my whole living room has had a face lift from two shopping trips.  And no tears or cussing happened at either trip.

My handsome husband and I found new living room furniture last weekend that we both really liked and at a very reasonable price .  It was delivered today and it looks fabulous in our living room.  However, it didn’t look fabulous with the wall art we already had in there.  Thankfully we weren’t married to that art, and those pieces will work just fine in our other living room.  But that did leave me needing to find replacement wall decorations.  Ugh, here comes the tension..but luckily I had my daughter, Sabrina, with me.

She and I went out and conquered the home decor store. We found several pieces that will help bring together the room. One piece that we bought even coordinates with the Catrina piece on the mantel. (Once everything is hung and in place, I’ll post some pics.)

Most importantly, my handsome husband liked the wall decor as well!  I would say that today was a great day!

Yay for ME!