Great Start to 2018

Train Ride

The Train Ride Home

On my train ride home and just thinking that it has been a great start to a great year.

With the first week of 2018 over, excitement is what I feel.  So many things to learn with my new toys.  Creativity flowing in all directions, already learning so much. Eyes open, being present and seeing so much more. Limitless on power to accomplish my goals.  This year is going to be great!

Work is what it’s going to take, but that is OK with me.  A slacker, I’m not.  Afraid to get my hands dirty, that’s not me.  How my life turns out is up to me, and my future is worth the work.

I have enjoyed the fist five days of 2018, and I look forward to the next three hundred and fifty-one.

Yay for ME!

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