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Workout Done

Workout Stats

Twenty-six degrees outside, no worries I still walked the 1/2 mile to the gym to got my workout on. Cold weather can’t stop me. And the above picture shows my stats for the day. Not too shabby for a mid-day workout.

This daily gym break really helps me make it through the day. Having that chance to wake my body and brain up, makes me more focused and productive in the afternoon. And I really enjoy interacting with my workout family at Evolve.

Good physical break, good mental break.

Yay for ME!

Saturday With Sabrina

Evolve WorkoutLove love love spending Saturday mornings with the kids. Last weekend my oldest, Samantha, went to workout with me and this Saturday, my middle child, Sabrina went with me. We made the 10:00 am MetForce class at Evolve, and had a great workout with Ramon Medina. Heart pumping, calories burned and muscles tired, we did it, then we did this:

Jakes Burgers and Beer in Dallas, just happened to be on our way home. Sabrina had never been there and it had been years since I had been, so stop in we did. I had the “Atkins Special Burger” which was a beef patty with a hot dog and chili, of course no bun, and it was GOOD! Sabrina enjoyed the “Hot Cowboy” burger and we split some cheese tater tots, Yum Yum Yum! It’s a good thing we burned so many calories beforehand!

Best part of the day was getting to spend time with my Sabrina girl!!

Yay for ME!

Torching the Exercise


Saturday Workout at Evolve

Saturday exercise finished!  My daughter, Samantha, came with me and hung in there like a champ.  An Evolve work out is not for the faint of heart and will really kick your ass, but we made it though!  Forty-five minutes of high intensity interval exercise and several hundred calories burned, so we celebrated at Torchy’s.


Torchy’s Tacos

I know, that practically cancels out all the hard work exercising, but I had never been to Torchy’s and so we went.  We ordered the Hillbilly Queso (queso with chorizo) to start off and it was awesome.  Then I had the grilled chicken tacos with grilled corn while Sam had the egg, potato and cheese tacos, and we loved it all!  The branding, the menu items and Mexican sodas, together a great restaurant.  We gave it a thumbs up and will be back in the future with the rest of the family.

Sam at Torchy's

Torchy’s Tacos

Best part of the day, getting the spend time with my oldest daughter Samantha.  As I said yesterday, Great Start to a Great Year!

Yay for ME!

Cold Walk to the Gym

Are you kidding me?

Today was my first full day back to work after the holiday season and I was pretty excited to get back to my work out routine. A routine that consists of walking 1/2 a mile to and from the gym, Evolve, for an 11:30 METforce class at least four days a week.

Sunday night I packed my workout clothes for the week, brought them to work today and got ready for my 11:30 class as normal. Before leaving I happened to look at my phone to see what the temperature was outside, since it was so cold in the office and I almost cussed. 27 degrees, are you freaking kidding me, we are in Texas, it is not supposed to be that cold. Crap..crap..crap. But I went anyway.

Best gym ever.

Thin work slacks (not lined), no socks, loafers, no gloves, no ear muffs, and a thin unlined coat is what I wore as I braved the weather to keep my commitment to my self to be healthier and happier. I’m not going to lie, it was colder than a witch’s tit and I couldn’t feel my feet when I got there, but I am happy I went. Exercise and interaction with the Evolve gym community makes me happier and even more productive at work.

In the end, I had a great work out and didn’t freeze. And since my body was staving off hypothermia, I’m choosing to believe my calorie burn doubled.

Yay for ME!