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Reflections On the Train


Trains Passing

Trains Passing

It was cold, foggy and dark outside on my train ride into work this morning.  The train was about as full as it normally is at this time of day and I was able to get my preferred seat by the window.  The train departed and went to the next stop, where more people got on and I was about to fall into the same habit of staring into my phone, when the reflections in the window caught my eye.

That would be an interesting picture, I thought.  I almost dismissed the idea, forgetting my vow to be more creative this year, but something stopped me.  Having my phone out already, I quickly switched to the camera and snapped a few shots, then got my Canon out and snapped a few more.

Train Reflections

Train Reflections In and Out

The red coats worn by two of the passengers in front of me were what really caught my eye in the reflections.  The contrast against the darkness outside of the train made it pop.  The images caught by both cameras were interesting, specifically in how they captured the reflection of the passengers inside the car and the action and landscape outside the car.

Tran Reflections Loop

Train Reflections Loop

And Live Photo effects on the iPhone…what can I say, I’m still digging this!

Not only am I excited to be learning and creating with my new toys this year, I am happy to be getting out of my own head and being present in the moments.

Yay for ME!

Live Photo Effects

iPhone Live Photo

Live Photo

Having had an iPhone 6 for about a year now, I have had the “Live Photo” option, where for a split second they are animated, for a while. I thought they were pretty neat, and liked the animation on my iWatch, but never really knew how to do anything with them, other than as a static picture.  Recently, I had heard or read somewhere about the new effects for the Live Photos with iOS 11, but I hadn’t figured out how to view them until today.  And man they are COOL!

When you take a Live Photo you also get a “Bounce”, “Loop” and “Long Exposure” option as an effect for that live photo. These effects are pretty awesome, but it wasn’t so easy for me to figure out how to share them or export them out of my photos as a GIF file. But where there is a will, there is a way.  And after a bit of cussing, a bit of research and this awesome article, I finally figured it out and voila!

Bounce Effect

Bounce effect on live photo

Loop effect on live photo

Long Exposure effect on live photo

Right now, I am thinking that my favorite effect is the bounce effect.  It makes me smile, feels cleaner and gets me excited about the new creative things I can do with it.  Really looking forward to experimenting with these effects and my live photos on iPhone.

Creative in 2018. Yay for ME!

Great Start to 2018

Train Ride

The Train Ride Home

On my train ride home and just thinking that it has been a great start to a great year.

With the first week of 2018 over, excitement is what I feel.  So many things to learn with my new toys.  Creativity flowing in all directions, already learning so much. Eyes open, being present and seeing so much more. Limitless on power to accomplish my goals.  This year is going to be great!

Work is what it’s going to take, but that is OK with me.  A slacker, I’m not.  Afraid to get my hands dirty, that’s not me.  How my life turns out is up to me, and my future is worth the work.

I have enjoyed the fist five days of 2018, and I look forward to the next three hundred and fifty-one.

Yay for ME!