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Lunch at Legacy Hall

Legacy Hall in Plano

Legacy Hall in Plano

Today I got to take my oldest daughter for her birthday lunch at Legacy Hall. First time either of us had gone and we had a great time.

Very interesting concept for basically a variety restaurant. And I mean a variety, they have almost every kind of cuisine you could want and what we had was great.

Donuts, chicken and macaroni and cheese, how can a birthday lunch get any better? Legacy Hall in the Legacy West shopping complex was a nice change of pace to our normal dining excursions. Great day!

Yay for ME!

Rejuvenation for the Old



In making an effort to notice my surroundings more and in general, to just be more present in the now, I paid attention on my walk today.  The picture above is a collage of the words I photographed on my short 1/2 mile walk and below is a poem of how I see them fitting together and what they said to me.

The old should never be old

Rejuvenate and refresh

A fresh look reimagined

You are in Dallas after all

Good thing for me, I was on a walk back from the gym where rejuvenation was the goal and a refreshed mind and attitude was accomplished.

Yay for ME!


side note:  The above collage was done in Enlight with pictures taken on my Canon camera.  Four pictures cropped, morphed and merged into one.  All done on my iPad Pro.

Torching the Exercise


Saturday Workout at Evolve

Saturday exercise finished!  My daughter, Samantha, came with me and hung in there like a champ.  An Evolve work out is not for the faint of heart and will really kick your ass, but we made it though!  Forty-five minutes of high intensity interval exercise and several hundred calories burned, so we celebrated at Torchy’s.


Torchy’s Tacos

I know, that practically cancels out all the hard work exercising, but I had never been to Torchy’s and so we went.  We ordered the Hillbilly Queso (queso with chorizo) to start off and it was awesome.  Then I had the grilled chicken tacos with grilled corn while Sam had the egg, potato and cheese tacos, and we loved it all!  The branding, the menu items and Mexican sodas, together a great restaurant.  We gave it a thumbs up and will be back in the future with the rest of the family.

Sam at Torchy's

Torchy’s Tacos

Best part of the day, getting the spend time with my oldest daughter Samantha.  As I said yesterday, Great Start to a Great Year!

Yay for ME!

Pay Phone Art

Pay Phone Art

Pay Phone?

Yes, a pay phone. When I first saw it, as I was walking to the gym, my first reaction was no reaction, as if it was still common place to see a them around town here and there. Just as quick as my mind was to accept it, it just as quickly rethought it and rejected it, thinking no way, that can’t be, surely not. But yes, it was a pay phone right there in Pegasus Plaza.

This plaza is known to have various art sculptures, performing artists from time to time and even a piano which sat in residence through most of the winter beckoning to the performer in you. But this was the first time I spotted the pay phone and immediately I was intrigued.


Wonderphone – A Magical Story Machine

Strolling over to take a quick picture, I had to laugh, I was right and wrong. It isn’t a pay phone, it is a story phone. A Wonderphone – a magical story machine. I smiled and wondered at the awesome creativity many people posses.  Who would have thought, a pay phone as an interactive art installation.

Yay for them!

side note:  I just realized that it is not only art, but it is recycling as well!  Double points for awesomeness Wonderphone.  Good for you!