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New Orleans 1686

So you want to know about me?  My name is Penny Brooker.

I am a mother of four wonderfully independent and unique kids.  They are truly good people and I am lucky to be apart of their journey.  On this journey I am accompanied by a man who is beautiful, inside and out, that I am fortunate to call husband, best friend and lover.

At the moment we are joined by two canines Sadie and Maggie.

Well didn’t that sound pleasant?!

The truth is I do have four kids that I truly love, but they drive me crazy sometimes, even thought they swear I was already there.  I do have a wonderful husband that is kind and generous and I love him more than coffee (and that is saying ALOT) even though he might have early Alzheimer’s because he can’t remember crap unless it is a movie quote.

Our canines are truly a part of our family.  Maggie or MayMay or Maggie May, our Siberian Husky/Shepard mix is solid white and sheds so much that I am single handedly keeping the makers of Swiffer Sweeper in business.  So much white dog hair…and black is my clothing color of choice, not good.  Sadie or Sadie Dog or Tiny, is a tan English Mastiff, who at the moment weighs 130 pounds and still has more to grow.  Sadie snores, drools and when she passes gas it clears the room, but we love her.

Being the Mom/Co-leader of this gang (yes, it’s a gang there are six of us and two large dogs, you just didn’t have to kill anyone to get in the gang) is challenging, daunting and funny as hell most of the time.  It is usually a cluster fuck waiting to happen, but at the end of the day when I am lying in bed, with my husband’s arms around me, I can honestly say, it is always a good day to be me!

Yes, I say, Yay for ME!

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