Date Night: The Nodding Donkey





This week our date night was at The Nodding Donkey on SMU Blvd. and Greenville Ave. in Dallas, Texas, at an open mic hosted by a local singer/song writer and friend Colin Boyd.

Even though my husband, Adrian, is a musician we were not there to participate, just to be entertained, and that we were.

The food was great and Amanda, our server, was spot-on.  The music was outstanding, because let’s be real, open mic night can be hit or miss, but last night it was a hit.  There were various levels of musicians, but one young lady with an amazing voice stood out, Chloe Moore.  Her soulful voice and bluesy lyrics were an unexpected treat.  Check her out here.

A part from the great music, food, service and atmosphere, I was with my husband/lover/best friend, how could the night go wrong.  Yes, Yay for ME!

Uterus Protesting Eviction



Gut wrenching cramps were plaguing me yesterday, to the point that I seriously had to consider if I had already taken the legal recommended daily dose of Ibuprofen at 11:00 am. Cramps from a uterus under protest of its eviction notice, giving it one last hooray on its way out of this world.

That is correct, in two more weeks my uterus will be with me no more. I will be having a partial hysterectomy, to be exact a: supracervical hysterectomy via a laparoscopic procedure. Due to a 8.5 centimeter long fibroid that has decided my uterus would be a great place to grow and therefore displace it’s new home to the left side of my pelvis, which apparently is not where it is supposed to be, my OBGYN stressed to me while doing my pelvic exam, I am having to part ways with the very organ that housed, grew and nurtured all three of my children.

And really, I’m ok with that. The two to four weeks of recovery and the up to $7,000 I will have to spend on this fibroid eviction has me more concerned.

Now don’t miss understand me I am very thankful for the years of service my uterus has put in with the birth of my three beautifully crazy children, but let us not pretend this service has been one-sided. Give credit where credit is due, I have endured monthly bouts of gut wrenching pain and visits from an unwelcome Aunt Flow for years before and years after my uterus did a damn thing. Ok, I’m fine with that and hold no ill will towards it for this pretty one-sided relationship, but neither do I hold any remorse at the fact of losing it.

As a matter of fact, after its petty and selfish actions yesterday, I am actually doing a little dance of happiness for this eviction. No more cramps….Yes, Yay for ME!

Be Present…unless your super power is time travel.



Be present…if time travel is not your super power, you can’t erase the past nor can you predict the future. So be present NOW.


PS:  If time travel is your super power, let me know I have a few favors to ask!